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Creative And Fun Home Improvement Projects

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Make family time a way to get smaller home improvement projects completed. Get the kids outside and off gaming, television or social networking to work together on a project the whole family can enjoy. Feel good about the do-it-yourself home improvement and bring the family together with these fun projects from starting a garden to painting a mailbox.

Parents or older children should help the younger ones. Some households may need to create tasks for each project that are appropriate for different ages. Whether in kindergarten or high school, it's time to let the creativity flourish.

Gardening Greatness

These days gardening is in. Kids will enjoy the taste of food they grow. Start an edible garden in unused yard space. Make sure water and sun reach the chosen area. Bring out several gardening catalogs with photographs and let each person choose a few plants to grow. Order plants or seeds or purchase them locally and learn how each plant grows best. Have fun with this. Have a family outing to get some topsoil and mulch appropriate for your soil type. Gather garden tools such as shovel, rake, spade, hoe and trowel. Once seeds or plants have arrived, family members should each stake out their spot within the garden area and dig down and turn up the natural soil. Add the bags of topsoil and rake to evenly spread it around. Follow planting and watering directions for each vegetable chosen. Make the gardening project a weekly family affair to maintain each plot and see how the garden grows. Reap the rewards of the family garden while creating a lasting family project.

Memorable Mailbox

Improve curb appeal and paint a memorable mailbox. First, remove the mailbox from the post, clean it well, let it completely dry out and paint with metal primer. Have the color scheme already planned out with small cans of paint and purchase paint brushes and stencils (let the kids pick them) to keep the design in check. Don't forget to paint the bottom and be sure to add the home address numbers. Work outside or in garage with the door open for ventilation and make sure to place a drop cloth or plastic sheet under the mailbox for easy cleanup.

Flower Fun

Build up more curb appeal with flowers. Have a family outing to check out yard sales and see what interesting vessels can be used as plant pots. Then, take the kids to a local plant nursery and choose easy-to-care-for blooming flowers and potting soil. Once home, let the kids have fun choosing the flowers to plant in each pot. When all the pots are planted with flowers, take votes on where to place them to improve the front of the home. Kids can learn to regularly water the plants and watch new buds bloom.

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