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Creating Synergies Between the Body and Mind at Yoga Synergy Spa

By David Boegaard

Yoga has become the go-to exercise for millions of people across America. Yoga studios have established many different approaches, in order to draw new customers and keep older customers happy. Yoga Synergy Spa in Garland, TX takes an inclusive approach. They emphasize yoga suitable for families and a wide variety of ages and abilities. For a full restoration, they also offer Reiki, infrared sauna, childcare, and a variety of classes.

The whole-heartedness of yoga has been one of the practice's many draws over the last 10 years. Yoga takes the wispy world of talk and image and reconnects it to the grounds of posture and breath. "Yoga is more than just another form of exercise," says Krystle Meyer, Assistant Manager of Yoga Synergy, "we promote a mind, body, spirit connection."

This grounding is not the only reason to practice yoga, of course. For the sake of functioning in everyday life, yoga also can provide great relief from anxiety and overload. "It helps to relieve stress, unclutter the mind and promote focus," says Kristina Bauer, Owner of Yoga Synergy Spa and yoga advocate for over 24 years.

The best way to find a good group of practitioners is to find a yoga studio with a strong center. At Yoga Synergy Spa, they pride themselves on practicing everyday yoga. "Yoga Synergy Spa & Wellness is a family friendly community of people in all different ages & stages of life," Bauer notes. It's not about the latest trends, it's about creating a supportive space for genuine practice to work transformations.

Many people seek out yoga after an injury has prevented them from more intense forms of exercise. They are as welcome as anyone else. "We all have some sort of disease, ailment or injury at some point whether it is physical, mental or spiritual," says Bauer. "No one escapes being human." And Yoga Synergy Spa offers private courses for special cases, as well as one-on-one periods within nearly all group classes. "When the mind, body, spirit feels rich and balanced, we find our own personal SYNERGY," says Bauer. That's what Yoga Synergy Spa is trying to bring to everyone who comes in their doors.

Yoga Synergy Spa goes out of their way to welcome all sorts. Besides offering classes fit for nearly any level and age, they also provide childcare services for every class, so busy parents can attend, too.

For those seeking to take their practice to a much deeper level, or pass this transformative practice on to others, Yoga Synergy Spa offers teacher training. "Our Teacher Training program is great for any level yogi looking to deepen their practice and knowledge of Yoga," says Meyer.

It is hard to imagine a better place to start your yoga journey, or to deepen it. And there are so many good reasons to try yoga out. "When used outside of class you may find you sleep better, stress and worry less and just feel at peace," says Meyer. It might even help to make you less prone to falling ill. If there's one thing Meyer is confident about, it's that "after you take one of our a Yoga classes you feel refreshed, renewed and restored."

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