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Countless Benefits at Ceil Embleton Reflexology and Massage

By Jake Levin

Receiving bodywork is such an important thing to do in life, according to Ceil Embleton.

As the reflexologist and massage therapist at Ceil Embleton Reflexology and Massage in Austin, Embleton raises a great point: we as humans take care of our houses, cars, yards, children and spouses.

"But truly," Embleton said. "Your health and body are so important to your experience in life, especially as you get older. Without your health, it is hard to enjoy your life and be able to be active."

Referring to her way of work as a way of giving back, it's the joy and satisfaction of helping people feel better in their body and about themselves that keeps Embleton going.

She lists the benefits of reflexology as numerous, explaining that the practice of reflexology is a holistic healing technique that balances the energy flow through reflex points on the foot in order to stimulate the body's healing potential and restore a state of health.

Relief from neck, back, shoulder and hip pain is one great reason to try reflexology, as is the relief it provides from hypertension, high blood pressure, migraines, PMS, allergies, constipation, indigestion, colitis, skin disorders, or even depression.

"It is a very restorative treatment and with regular treatments, like acupuncture, benefits increase moving toward a state of being symptom free," Embleton said. "Most people would benefit."

Among those groups that could give reflexology or massage a try are pregnant women, both pre- and postnatal. Ceil Embleton Reflexology & Massage offers programs for these women who have a great deal of strain on their bodies during pregnancy with all of those hormones swirling. It can also be beneficial to the babies, Embleton said.

"Pregnancy massage can relax the tension in the hips, low back and allow a more relaxed space for the baby to be in or turn around in," she said. "Reflexology is wonderful for their tired and swollen feet."

For over 21 years now, Embleton has offered her services as a reflexologist and massage therapist In a warm and welcoming studio, it gives her great pleasure to see the improvement in her clients.

"When our body and mind are at their best, then the reflection is manifested in our life," Embleton said. "Giving to others makes my heart sing!"

For more, visit Ceil Embleton online.

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