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Confidential and Professional Therapy at Frisco Health and Wellness

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Mental health is something to take very seriously, no matter your age. At Frisco Health and Wellness, all ages can face their difficulties with everything from depression and anxiety or personality disorders to self-esteem/self-image problems, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Primarily using cognitive behavioral therapy for their treatments, they also can help those with drug and/or alcohol addictions, eating disorders and even premarital/marital relationship issues. "Our goal is make your therapeutic experience as rich and fulfilling as possible," says LPC-Supervisor Steven R. Scott.

Frisco Health therapies allow each person to take hold of their mental health as constructively and confidently as they can, whether that means once-a-week therapy sessions or one every three months. "Our solutions-focused approach helps people reach their goals as efficiently as possible," Scott explains.

With their seven counselors providing both individual and group therapy (including groups for teens) and family counseling, they have therapists that specialize in most areas their clients' need help with. For example, Scott tells us, "I specialize in working with teens, adults and couples, while Holly Lockett is an expert in working with kids and attachment disorders." Frisco Health and Wellness also has a clinician who is well trained in most specialty areas. Therapists must continually engage in up-to-date education, research and trends.

Located out of a warm and inviting stone-façade building in Frisco, Scott says, "We provide a comfortable supportive environment where change can happen." Always staying current with the times, states Scott, "We also work with clients all over the world via phone sessions, skype or facetime." We do provide group therapy and have several groups for teens.

Their facility has two state-of-the-art playrooms for play therapy time. Play therapy is just that ? a type of therapy for young children using various methods of play. This is not like going to the park or daycare, this is a specific form of therapy with proven results that is widely used by certified therapists where toys are used to express feelings rather than words.

Frisco Health and Wellness maintains out-of-network insurance to be more in charge of the treatment planning. As an added benefit to their clients, they can work on a sliding-scale for treatment payments to make the process more affordable to anyone in need. While you can file on your insurance plan, if covered, Scott explains why their way of billing is advantageous to clients, "Sometimes this method can cost less than filing on your insurance plan. This also keeps your private information from being used against you when it becomes part of the national database." The bottom line is that service, Scott continues, is always "confidential, professional and results-oriented."

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