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Circus Inspired Workouts At Altitude Fitness Are Fun And Effective

By S. Mathur

One reason why it's so difficult to stick to a fitness routine is the boredom. Even highly motivated people find that they reach a kind of plateau in terms of their fitness. But with Cirque du Soleil inspired aerial arts at Altitude Fitness, there's little chance of either boredom or plateauing. With over 30 classes to choose from, members are always learning and evolving. Popular classes include aerial yoga, aerial silks, pole fitness, lyra hoop and aerial hammock.

Altitude Fitness is located in the old downtown in Frisco, TX, and a new and larger facility will open nearby in December. The expansion is an indication of the popularity of the aerial arts fitness studio. The new building will have an aerial arts playground with 18 foot ceilings and special flooring. There will be a dedicated pole fitness room as well as a retail and waiting/viewing area for visitors and guests.

Aerial fitness is fun and but it's also very effective. The classes are popular because they make you stronger inside and out, says owner Tricia Lauerman.

"In their first class, clients often accomplish things they never thought possible, and it is so different and exciting, people forget that it is a workout," she said. "Our goal is to bring the excitement and fun of aerial arts into the mainstream. We have designed classes that make the different disciplines accessible to just about anyone healthy enough for physical activity."

People document weight loss of 10 to 15 pounds, but what's even more important is the change in body shape. Aerial classes also improve self confidence, flexibility and overall conditioning. While safety is an important concern in aerial fitness, when practiced properly with qualified teachers, it improves workouts and rewards physical effort.

"Aerial "Flying" yoga takes all the health benefits of traditional yoga and actually makes any poses like headstands, inversions, push ups etc more fun and more accessible," Lauerman said. "There is nothing quite like the bliss you feel after a great workout and can Savasana (meditate or "bliss out" I like to call it) inside a floating hammock."

While beginners are advised to progress through the correct sequence of classes, anyone can learn the aerial arts. There is no requirement such as being strong enough or skinny enough, or coordinated or fit enough.

"We have over 40 new clients a month of all shapes, genders, ethnic origins, and fitness levels come thru our door each month," Lauerman said. "We have a fantastic group of group of certified instructors that understand that most people have never had an experience like this. We will keep you safe and get you strong all while having fun."

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