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Charles MacInerney is Helping Austin Relax with Yoga

By Courtney Clark

Yoga Teacher is not just a website. It is also one of Austin's oldest yoga practices, the motto of which is "Rooted in tradition, embracing innovation." The founder and owner, Charles MacInerney, brings decades of experience to the website, resulting in a variety of benefits to those who visit.

MacInerney began practicing yoga at age eleven. Although he first dreaded accompanying his mother and sister to classes, his perspective changed when he experienced deep yogic relaxation. Since his youth, he has been practicing for almost forty years. He began teaching in the eighties, when he started as a substitute instructor for a class in Austin.

Since then, he has earned a variety of credentials, including being registered with the Yoga Alliance at the highest E-500 hour level. He has studied with Thich Nhat Hahn, joined the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and worked with a multitude of organizations, such as banks, hospitals, and universities. He founded Expanding Paradigms, the Living Yoga Teacher Training Program, and the Texas Yoga Retreat. He travels throughout the United States, and occasionally abroad, to share his philosophies and instruction with students.

Although his credentials and history are impressive, they more significantly illustrate his dedication to his practice and to learning. At the Cafe Dance Yoga Studio, where MacInerney teaches, those who are looking to exercise, meditate, or relax are in great hands. MacInerney explains that he has developed an "eclectic" style that synthesizes the best of what he has learned. The result? He helps students "to focus on how each pose feels, rather than how it looks." Students learn to blend alignment & structure with "playful exploration of instinctive movement." The end goal, he says, is to empower the students to become their own teachers.

The practice of yoga has recently become somewhat trendy. However, MacInerney touts the benefits of attending classes and meditating. Yoga emphasizes breath awareness and control, all while balancing effort and relaxation. The body will stretch, strengthen, relax, and renew. Meditation has been scientifically proven to manage stress, improve concentration, and improve will power. Benefits have also been shown for cancer survivors, heart patients, those with auto-immune diseases, and more. Yoga practitioners tend to be calmer, yet more energetic, and they tend to gravitate towards healthier lifestyles in general.

MacInerney offers a variety of classes and styles for all types of guests. Students can try Hatha Yoga, which is a physical practice to help prepare for meditation. However, the Café Dance Yoga Studio also offers a variety of classes for seniors and kids. MacInerney is available for private instruction, yoga therapy, workshops and Yoga Retreats which emphasizes yoga and meditation. Rather than attending a class and then immediately returning to a busy lifestyle, retreats help students maintain a relaxing and refreshing environment for an extended period of time.

Austin residents would be doing themselves a favor by visiting YogaTeacher.com or attending classes at Cafe Dance. Whether students want a break from a busy schedule, a way to learn how to be peaceful throughout a chaotic lifestyle, or just a way to help with fitness, yoga lessons, under the talented and wise MacInerney are sure to leave guests feeling revitalized.

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