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Centre For Musical Minds Helps Students Find Their Musical Voice

By S. Mathur

For Kristin Yost, owner and director of the Center for Musical Minds in Frisco TX, all minds are musical. She and co-founder Dr. Sam Holland believe that there is music in everyone and that it is necessary for a happy, confident and creative life. The Center was opened in 2008 to bring out the inner musician in everyone, at any age. It is recognized internationally as a creative and innovative school, home to thriving artists at every stage of their musical careers.

Yost believes that music and the arts are integral to our daily lives, mental health and well being. Music benefits children on many levels.

"The obvious benefits are inner joy and being able to share music with others," she said. "Though one of the most important benefits in studying music correctly has to do with grit and perseverance. Pride, self-worth and accomplishment also come to mind."

It's never too late to begin learning to play an instrument, Yost adds.

"Adults who have never studied an instrument before usually thrive on the challenge, and end up really enjoying the process of learning!" She said. "We primarily use popular and familiar classical music, though always incorporate what specific musical tastes the student has."

Music lessons provide a solid base of fundamental studies along with a range of music from Bach to the Beatles. The focus is on the students and helping them to develop their own musical voice. Students experience traditional recitals, pop showcases and the live rhythm section. They can learn composition, CD production, lyric writing and African drumming. Private study and examination prep are also available.

At the Centre, students are not just a number. The student-focused approach is different from learning pages in a lesson book, and encourages them to develop their own musical voices. The classes are the beginning of their own personal musical journey. The Centre offers in home piano and voice lessons, and online classes as well. It is also a founding school for The Development Program led by The Royal Conservatory. The Royal Conservatory exams are offered as an international musical standard for students.

The world class faculty are committed to the Centre and students. Each faculty member has a Masters degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. As well as outstanding musical educations, faculty members have performance experience with leading ensembles. They ably support the Centre's emphasis on higher education and teacher training.

Students and their families appreciate the all-round musical training the Centre offers. It does not limit students to a single instrument but uses a non traditional approach to inculcate a love of music, filling their lives with beauty.

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