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Bringing Transparency to Your Meal at Dallas's Very Own European-Style Eatery

By Elisha Neubauer

In today's age, transparency is everything. We want to know everything from what's in our food at the supermarket to what company is sponsoring which politician and why. When it comes to eating out, why shouldn't we expect the same transparency from our local eateries?

At Eatzi's Market & Bakery in Dallas, Texas, that's exactly what you'll get. The European style establishment is setup specifically so that diners can enjoy a great meal in comfort; one that they were actually able to watch crafted by the high quality chefs Eatzi's employs.

"Our store is set up so that customers can watch all types of food being prepared in our open exhibition kitchens," Chelsea Thionnet, Director of Marketing for Eatzi's Market & Bakery, explains to us. "We have an intimate and casual atmosphere. As soon as you walk in, you are met with the strong aroma of fresh baked bread."

When it comes to food, Eatzi's makes sure there is something available for everyone. There are a noteworthy number of cuisines to choose from and varying sizes; everything from quick snacks to complete meals. "We serve the food you've eaten your whole life and the food you've never tried before," states Thionnet. "The vast size of our menu allows people to come more often than other types of eateries because there are so many different items to choose from."

While this menu is vast, customers do seem to have a few choice favorites, which Thionnet referred to as the 'Top Ten List of All Time Favorites.' This impressive list includes a smattering of faved options: Three Cheese Crusted Chicken, Grilled Flank Steak, Traditional Chicken Salad, Chicken Curry Pasta, Chocolate Chip Cookie, French Baguette, Chocolate Oblivion Cake, Hummus, and Custom made sandwiches and salads. "Pizza Friday is also a big hit," explains Thionnet. "We play 'pizza music' on Fridays and the mood is very fun and energetic in the stores." She adds, "You can watch them making the pizzas in our open exhibition kitchens."

Of course, there is more to running a successful eatery than just serving fantastic food- although, let's face it, it helps. At Eatzi's, they know they have a great product. What they focus on, is their customer service, always striving to offer the best in the industry. "Customers today expect a high level of service and here at Eatzi's we are striving to exceed those expectations," Thionnet details.

Showing their high level of attention to this category of business, she explains their mantra to us- one that every employee takes to heart. "At Eatzi's, we have a mantra that encompasses five key elements that makes Eatzi's what we are, QVC-PT," she affirms. "QVC-PT stands for quality, variety, convenience, price value, and theater. All are equally critical to why Eatzi's is successful."

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