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Beating the Trend With Dallas's Premier Gastropub

By Elisha Neubauer

If you're up on the latest trends in the restaurant industry, by no doubt you've heard the term gastropub being thrown around. This sudden upcoming trend of eateries has been making strides over the last decade, really beginning to show in force over the last few years. This term, while used frequently, actually covers a broad genre of industry-related facilities including the category Victor Tango's fits into?Modern American Shared Plates.

When asked, in detail, about the category Victor Tango's classifies itself as, Owner Matt Ragan had this to say: "I guess I would describe us as a Modern American Shared Plates Restaurant and Craft Cocktail Bar. The Gastropub genre is a broad category that includes a number of disparate styles and price ranges. There are two factors that they tend to share however, one being food and sourcing and the second being atmosphere."

According to Ragan, the gastropubs tend to be more chef-driven than a traditionally styled eatery. "They pay better attention to sourcing, have at least somewhat curated craft cocktail and beer programs, and more modern fare as opposed to commodity products, premade heat and serve food and generic or dated bar programs." Second, he continues, is that they tend to be a more relaxed atmosphere than the typical fine dining style restaurants.

The rise in popularity of gastropubs has often been speculated. However, Ragan seems to have a good idea as to the increase in recognition. "Gastropubs were destined to become popular as the typical American diner has become more educated on food and drink and more discerning in where their food is coming from," he stated. "Millennials are savvy diners and discerning about sourcing and since the recession of 2008 the pomp and glitz of fine dining has been seen as tacky and unnecessary." A gastropub is essentially the best of both worlds- quality without the pomp and circumstance.

At Victor Tango's, the atmosphere is just that. It gives you the highest quality food, while still maintaining a healthy balance of comfort and casual. "Celebratory, lively, a little raucous, fun and warm," Ragan said, when asked to describe his own place. "It's who I am. I love celebrating life and food and drink and love throwing a party and inviting the whole world."

The menu is constantly changing every week, so you're never bored with the same old thing week after week. "Sometimes it's only three or four things, sometimes it's eleven or twelve," Ragan announced. "Chef and I are curious and excited about discovering new things then sharing those things with others, so our menu changes a lot, while hopefully still offering some reliable classics that our guests have come to know and love."

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