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Balancing Body and Mind at Diana's School of Yoga

By S. Mathur

Diana Roehl, Owner of Diana's School of Yoga, started her professional life in human resources, and was first introduced to yoga when she was asked to lead a fitness class. She discovered an ancient discipline that heals both body and mind: "Yoga has the ability to reverse the stress placed on the body from everyday conditions and circumstances. We live in motion primarily using the front muscles of the body. When you have an uneven distribution of muscle use the front muscles become overused and tight, while the others become atrophied and weak. Yoga balances out this dichotomy by using all the muscles with the spine as the hub of the wheel."

While the moves and stretches build body strength, the physical benefits are paralleled by psychic ones as well. Roehl says that "The unique movements of yoga therefore has the ability to bring flexibility as well as strength to the participants. As far as strength is concerned we are constantly using body weight as opposed to lifting weights so that a more functional experience happens. Together with the breathing that we teach, there is an overall increase in the body's ability to heal itself through increasing blood circulation to the body and the release of important chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and endorphins."

Diana's School of Yoga offers classes for all levels, from Traditional Yoga for beginners to "very intense" ones like like Yin Yoga and Power Yoga. The beginners' classes are seen as easy and non-threatening, and the time, usually scheduled for early evening, is a convenient one for most people. And then there are the classes that build upon yoga principles, says Roehl: "If you are looking to experience yoga in a different way we have Aerial Yoga, where we do yoga postures in parachute silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling. We also have Fitness fusion, Total Body Conditioning, and Pilates for a well rounded out experience using yogic principals in a more dynamic fashion."

The School offers some corporate classes, but Roehl says that private yoga classes are much more popular: "This option has proven to be more stable. I have some private yoga clients for years. My longest is about 10 years. People who want private sessions want the individual attention as well as being able to practice in the comfort of their own homes."

The classes offered include Yoga with Meditation, for those who want to expand the experience. But whether it's private yoga classes at home or classes at the school, each student gets individual attention. There is no "one size fits all" in yoga, explains Roehl, "Everyone who comes into the studio has a different body history, so we look to the strength of each student, even in a group class. We modify or advance as needed for each student's circumstance that day. There is no rubber stamping in our teaching."

Special events include a Holiday Stress Reduction class that begins in November. For more information, please visit their website here!

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