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Artistry Meets Creativity at Scarecrow Galleries Tattoo Company

By S. Mathur

Tattooing is increasingly being recognized as an art form, albeit one that is practiced on a different medium from canvas. This shift in perception gives tattoo artists the freedom to focus more on the design process.

General Manager Phung T. Tran says that at Scarecrow Galleries, this was a deliberate choice: "We decided to focus more on the custom design process because we believe people are getting more informed on tattoos and see the potential in getting an unique, one of kind tattoo. The all-custom approach gives the clients the opportunity to express their individuality, honor someone, or tell their story through their own words and ideas in their tattoo design with the aid from the artist."

Tattooing and body art is unique because it involves a consultation between the artist and the client. At Scarecrow Galleries, this ensures that each tattoo is customized, and therefore unique. That makes a tattoo an intensely personal expression. The studio has completed nearly seven successful years, and Tran attributes this to "our wonderful clientele and their recommendations to others."

The tattoo artists at the studio each have a unique vision but also a grounding in the fundamentals of tattoo art, so they can decorate in any style. Tran explains that while certain artists specialize in certain genres of tattoos, "The owner, Daryl, wanted to have well-rounded artists that are capable in all types of genres. However, every one of them has their own uniqueness in their artistry. It is hard to express their specialties in simple words or terms."

Some of the genres covered by the artists are black & gray, photo realism, traditional, animated, etc. The emphasis on design and on consultation with the artist means that people no longer have to pick a design off a wall, as they would have done ten years ago. For the artists, too, it's important to have their creativity recognized.

Tran says that over the years tattoos have gained more mainstream acceptance: "In opening the shop, Daryl wanted a place where artists can express their creativity through different forms of media, the skin being one. He wanted to provide a place where the artistry meets creativity while providing a place of business that is clean and pleasant environment."

A tattoo studio is also where art meets medical standards of hygiene. Scarecrow Galleries also does piercings, and is a popular choice for parents of young daughters. Its reputation for a clean and sterile environment means that there are less of a chance of infections after the piercings, all dependent on the person and how well they take care of their piercing.

There are two things that people should be aware of before getting a tattoo. First, that they should choose their design carefully, because they're going to have it for life. This is why the process of consultation with the artist is so important. And second, that it's not as easy as it looks on TV. Simple tattoos can be completed in under two hours, but most tattoos take at least two sessions to complete. More complex designs can take months.

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