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Are You Working with the Right Electrician: An Interview with Rob Waldron of Birdsong Electric, Inc.

By Rob Waldron

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Birdsong Electric Inc. has been in business since 1979. We specialize in service work, in all aspects of electrical work. We do everything from residential service calls, to industrial control repair, lighting and sign maintenance, and adding circuits to new locations.

What are the three most important qualities an electrician must possess?

Reliability, skill, and a good understanding of customer service!

What are the most popular electrical issues/problems do most homeowners face and what do you have to offer to help them?

GFCI receptacles tripping in one part of the house and making plugs in a another part of the house not work. For example, a GFCI in the garage can trip and knock out the plugs on the front or back porch. Or one in an upstairs bathroom takes out all the bathrooms. We suggest to customers when they call in to go to every room of the house and press the reset button on all the GFCI devices before they pay us to come out.

What are the most common electrical issues and facts homeowners are not aware of should really know?

All electrical panels and connections in a house should have a preventative maintenance done on them bi-yearly. What happens in this process is the technician will open the panel and tighten all connections in the panel. All wire is made of soft metals, aluminum is softer than copper, but as electricity flows through the wire it causes friction. Friction of course causes heat, as the wire heats up, the metal expands, and as it cools the metal contracts. This process can make the connections become loose after a while. And, again aluminum is effected a lot more than copper.

What advice do you have for someone who found an electrician they can afford, however perhaps he/she doesn't have the experience they want?

Like all trades there are some people that have more experience in certain parts of the industry than others. For example one contractor may specialize in new construction commercial, or new construction residential, but have never had a lot of experience repairing broken items. It is important to find a contractor that meets the needs of the service being paid for, not every plumber, electrician, or carpenter, is a one size fits all. A transmission guy is mechanic in the automotive industry, but he won't be able to rebuild your engine in most cases, you would find an engine rebuilder. Same with trades find the right contractor for the job, not the first one that answers the phone.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

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