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Andrea Cannon Guitar Arts Proves that Music Connects Emotions and Intelligence

By S. Mathur

While most people associate music with emotion, researchers have found that it is fundamentally linked to intelligence as well. Andrea Cannon, Owner of Andrea Cannon Guitar Arts in Spring, TX explains that "Researchers Dr. Gottfried Schlaug and Dr. Nina Kraus have discovered that our brains contain an element of intelligence that is fundamentally musical.

Certain types of activities cause neuronal connections between the hemispheres of the brain to form more prolifically and more strongly. There is no activity more effective than playing a musical instrument from which to gain this type of enhanced brain development. The research also shows the younger a person starts - they recommend before the age of 6 - the more their brain will benefit."

The Early Childhood Music Program at Andrea Cannon Guitar Arts is based on the Suzuki Early Childhood curriculum. The Suzuki Method of music teaching has been highly successful for over 40 years, says Cannon.

"It is designed to develop the whole child mentally and intellectually by using musical concepts combined with reading and activities that strengthen vocabulary. No other children's music course is built exclusively on these proven successful concepts. Suzuki Early Childhood Music Classes are programmed for children birth through the 3rd year and parent to attend together. Through playing instruments (mostly percussion), singing, nursery rhymes, circle-songs and reading, the curriculum is designed to give young children a broad exposure to music as well as vocabulary development, social skills and increased mental focus. Children who attend 'Baby Music' class for most of their first three years usually have above-average vocabulary and focus when they graduate our class."

Andrea Cannon Guitar Arts students range in age from as young as two and a half years old all the way to college students. At every age, music supports the learning process and enriches the community, says Cannon: "We provide a fun, educational environment for families that enriches their lives through music. Students that can do something well, such as play an instrument, help their communities through sharing their talents. They also develop sensitivity as they learn the art of music making."

Cannon was the first musically inclined person in her family and was specifically drawn to playing the guitar: "My earliest inspiration was players on TV with guitars - like Glen Campbell and others in bands I liked. No one in my family played music, so the truth is, I was just drawn to the instrument itself." After a career as a musician, she felt impelled to share her skills.

"My earliest desire was to be the best guitarist and musician I could be. I started giving lessons in my teens to a few kids in the neighborhood. In college at Berklee College of music in Boston, which consistently places among the top music schools in the nation, I focused on the Music Performance Degree program. Raising a family as a working musician eventually brought together my desire to perform with the desire to educate and share those music skills." Her students and their parents are very grateful that she made the choice.

For more info, please visit Andrea's website here!

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