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Allen Tsai Photography Catches Ethereal Magic on Film

By Elisha Neubauer

Allen Tsai did not set out to be a wedding photographer. In fact, during his college years, Tsai managed to earn his PhD in neuroscience from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. While it seems like leaving neuroscience for photography is a wild leap, it didn't seem that big of a leap to Tsai, who deep down always knew he was meant to live the life of an artist.

"I love creating art, and becoming a photographer enables me to create art for others, especially when it matters the most to them," Tsai explains, when we asked about the change of career choice. "Capturing weddings is definitely my favorite, and will always have a special place in my heart."

Tsai tells us that he enjoys shooting weddings the most due to the personal nature of the event. "It's special because the wedding is such an intimate day with close friends and family, yet they chose me to join them and capture everything," he says. "I'm constantly making new friends even after the wedding is said and done, which probably wouldn't be the case if I was in any other industry."

While Tsai is extremely talented, the jump from neuroscience to photography didn't happen overnight. In fact, Tsai spent years honing his craft before attempting to launch his own business. "It definitely takes years and years of hard work and practice to perfect one's craft and style," Tsai details. "I remember shooting for three full years whenever I could and whatever I could before taking on a paying client." He didn't stop when he launched the business, either.

Tsai knows that the industry is constantly changing and his skills must continue to grow and adapt, as well. "The key is also to never be content with your craft and keep pushing and evolving as this industry is always changing as well," says Tsai. "I think what helps us stand out is that we have a very nice balance between the technical skills, the artistic sense, and having the right personality for weddings."

Since opening, Tsai's unique style has continued to capture clients' hearts, giving him a loyal base of adoring friends and patrons. When it comes to securing new clients, Tsai has to do little convincing, as one look at his portfolio is all the customer needs to see.

"Most of our couples come to us because they love how immersed they feel when looking at our images," he explains. "They could almost feel like they were actually there because of how natural everyone looks, not just the couple only, but the guests too."

He states that new clients also love the aesthetics of his images, saying how light, airy, and almost ethereal they look. "This is largely due to the medium we choose to shoot with, which is film," Tsai informs us. "Film posses the inherent quality of creating painting-esque looks that digital images just can't reproduce."

He adds, "From an artistic standpoint, it also forces me to think and really create the image I want prior to actually clicking the shutter. I think being very well balanced in documenting and creating is what really sets us apart."

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