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All About Your Home's Sprinkler Irrigation System: An Interview with Gabriel Barr of Smart Earth Sprinklers

By Gabriel Barr

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

At Smart Earth Sprinklers, we specialize in sprinkler irrigation repair. We focus on improving existing systems to allow maximum water conservation. Therefore, we will take the extra time to provide consumers with knowledge and understanding of how their system works. While sprinkler repair is our specialty, we believe that customer service is the heart of our business.

Quality customer service is something we truly believe is the key factor to our success. We make sprinkler irrigation repair easy by providing customers with honest repairs, up front billing, and flexible scheduling. Smart Earth Sprinklers also specializes in Backflow Testing, Sprinkler Irrigation Repairs, Landscape Lighting, and Patio Misting Systems.

What difference does it make to have a yard with a sprinkler irrigation system?

Having a properly maintained irrigation system can actually save you money. Hose end sprinklers are very inefficient. Usually these sprinkle over water onto side walk and fences and waste water. While an in-ground irrigation system in can be perfectly designed for your property. With an in-ground irrigation system, there is little to no overspray, just even, uniform coverage over the entire landscape.

What are some of the basic options that people need to decide about their sprinkler irrigation design?

One of the toughest decisions is determining what type of irrigation should be used such as drip irrigation, spray heads, rotor heads or MP rotors. Your irrigation professional should explain the importance and efficiency of each type of sprinkler head.

What do homeowners have to know in terms of features/benefits of having a sprinkler irrigation system?

In today's age, there are tons of benefits and feature that can be added to the irrigation system. All of these features can make the system more efficient and much more user friendly. Some of the best improvements are the Smart Irrigation controllers. These controllers have to ability to read the forecast and turn the system off if rain is expected.

Some controllers offer features where the home owner can access the controller over Wi-Fi and manage from anywhere. Soil moister sensors are great as well; once the ground is saturated it will automatically shut off the irrigation system. The most common and valuable is the basic rain sensor. The rain sensor is very strait forward, once it detects rainfall, it shuts the irrigation system off.

What kind of maintenance do lawn irrigation systems need after they're installed?

Like most things in life Irrigation system do require maintenance. We recommend having a complete system tune-up and adjustment at least once a year in order to keep your sprinkler system in top working order. By locating issues early you prevent wasting large amounts of water. Often time a Tune-up can pay for itself in a couple month's time just in water savings.

Do you have any lawn watering tips to help maintain healthy, green grass without worrying about your utility bill?

You can really cut your utility bill just by making some simple adjustment to the controller. As the seasons change so do the watering requirements. You lawn does need water in the winter dormant season; however it does not need the same amount that it does when it is 100 degrees out. We recommend cutting you watering times by at least 70% during the winter months.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

If you have any question please feel free to call us at 512-694-1147 or feel free to visit our websites for more info and updates. (www.SmartEarthSprinklers.com; www.AustinBackflowTesting.NET)

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