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A Growing Culinary Trend, Gourmet Food on Wheels with Rockn' Rick's

By Marina Jokic

When he was laid off, Ricky Minter decided to make a radical change in his life and took the road less traveled. It was an exciting and risky venture, but he managed to produce a successful business. With the support of his friends and family, he purchased a food truck and opened Rockn' Rick's in Garland, Texas. Having always been an avid cook, Minter found his true calling in life as chef and owner of his own business. Rockn' Rick's has been thriving ever since and traveling the entire Dallas Forth Worth and North Texas area.

For the last five years, Minter has been cooking up creative recipes and making a lot of customers happy with his delicious inventions. "Cooking has always been a passion. Along with my family, I started cooking at age seven and have been at it for over fifty years," says Minter.

In particular, Cajun cuisine has been the most familiar and flavorful for him, and he has capitalized on making it a staple of his menu. "Cajun is the most flavorful food I know so it's my way of getting the flavors and spices without necessarily all the heat," he points out. By making the food rich in flavor and yet not overwhelming in fieriness, he reaches a wider customer base.

The seasonal menu posted on the Rockn' Rick's website is surprisingly diverse for what you would expect from a food truck. From his famous Shrimp Po-Boy and Creole Fries to the delectable Cajun Cheeseburger and Jambalaya, Minter strives to offer a wide array of items, not just your typical fast food. The Gumbo with chicken and Andouille sausage is also a popular side dish. There is not shortage of choices.

Rockn' Rick's offers full catering services to individuals as well as businesses for art festivals, birthday and office parties, corporate meetings, dinners, neighborhood block parties and other kinds of events. The food truck can be rented and is also available for those who want the full culinary experience along with a cooking show.

Some of the businesses, which have used Minter's services in the past, include Southwest Airlines, Stevens Transportation, 7-11 Corporate HQ, IBM, AT&T, and General Motors Corporation among many others. Minter highlights that a lot of his customers are regulars.

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