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A Broad Path for Young and Old with We Yogis Dallas

By David Boegaard

The introduction of Eastern beliefs and spiritual practices into the West has increased pace rapidly since the 1950s. But while the philosophies of Buddha and other Eastern thinkers have come into some fashion, the practice of yoga has spread to become one of America's most popular forms of exercise. With such wide acceptance, people in Dallas have many yoga studios to choose from. We Yogis stands out for many reasons, first and foremost its dedication to truly providing a proper yoga experience for everyone, from children to the elderly and from beginners to advanced practitioners.

We Yogis is a business created by a Diana and Trip Rodgers, a married couple. But their path to opening We Yogis came via many years of dedication to physical fitness, and a long search for a healthy, lifelong form of exercise that nurtured body and spirit.

Co-owner Diana Rodgers has spent her entire life dedicated to wellness for individuals and families, whether on the side of medicine or exercise. Rodgers has dedicated her life to learning about, practicing, and teaching wellness. "I have a background in health, including a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology," explains Rodgers. But she also has spent many years deeply engaged in physical fitness, from running to teaching aerobics and spinning. Rodgers' husband, Trip, comes from the world of business and finance, but also has a long dedication to fitness, including wrestling Division I in college. "We are a nice complement to each other in running We Yogis," says Rodgers.

What drew the couple toward yoga, specifically, was the combination of flexibility and depth that the practice contained. As the couple have grown into middle age and had children, they began to search for something that worked for they could grow with for many years. "As we began to think about what type of activity we would enjoy and be able to continue doing well as we aged," says Rodgers, "yoga was the obvious choice."

The couple also have three children. "With each one, I felt there were fewer and fewer options for quality fitness that also had child care," says Rodgers. But she turned her difficulties into an opportunity to create a better yoga studio, and has led to one of the most distinctive aspects of We Yogis. Each We Yogis center in Dallas provides on-site child supervision so that the whole family can come together. "As we bring our kids to We to witness these experiences, it sets an example for them to lead healthier lives."

In addition to childcare, We Yogis offers classes for kids. The playrooms sit right next to the practice spaces, allowing children to watch as their parents or caregivers go through their practice. Two different, age-specific courses are available for kids. Lil Yogis works with children from 4 to 8 years old, and Tween Yogis for kids from 9 to 12. Once children hit 12, they can take part in regular yoga classes. And with a Prenatal Yogis class, one might even say that We Yogis' available courses start at conception!

Yoga has become so successful in the United States because the it has value for so many different kinds of people. "Yoga is a practice accessible for all ages and skill levels that not only benefits the body through the asanas (or poses)," notes Rodgers, "but also clears the mind by deepening the breath, releasing stress and anxiety, and sharpening your ability to focus." She goes on to mention the numerous studies showing yoga's benefits for body and mind, from improving the body's strength and flexibility to reducing blood pressure and chronic pain to increasing focus and body awareness. People come seeking only a handful of these benefits, but are often held to the practice because of the full value that yoga provides.

To accommodate all these different aims, We Yogis provides classes for practitioners of all levels and interests. Many prefer to begin with the slow, calm exercises. But those seeking a more intense experience can try Rockin Yogis. "Our popular Rockin Yogis class is a faster-paced, energetic vinyasa flow set to upbeat, current music with creative sequences and rooted to an enlivened breath," says Rodgers. Many customers love the way it gets the blood pumping and the muscles burning.

But Rodgers warns that new practitioners should always be careful not to over-exert themselves. Yoga isn't a competition, after all! For those with recent injuries, they provide Yogi Athletes Deep Stretch. They even provide a class that is dedicated entirely to deep relaxation. "Our Restorative class is also a wonderful way to relax, let go, and melt into the props of bolsters, blocks, and blankets- completely releasing tension and restoring body and mind."

So come investigate the offerings at We Yogis. It is not just about great classes and great teachers. "What we value most at We Yogis is the community," says Rodgers. "We support and inspire each other through the physical challenge that the practice of yoga brings each day, while also helping to find clarity of mind." They welcome everyone, regardless of age, skill or aim. So you're sure to find a place to develop your own, life-long practice at We Yogis.

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