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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Move: An Interview with NAME of The Right Movers

By Right Movers

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Our company is called "The Right Movers" and we seek to offer stress and hassle free relocation services to Houston residents.

What are some of the challenges that people in Texas face when they're moving to another home?

Each situation varies but one of the biggest challenges is getting everything coordinated in the same day: New utilities, internet/phone/cable, new furniture, new appliance delivery. My suggestion is to schedule the following to occur at least a day at a time.

Another major challenge is choosing the items to which they want to box up and keep or discard. A new home/residence brings on a new start. A lot of people don't understand that the hidden message in the opportunity for new living is that it's time to get rid of some old.

What can they do to help prevent or solve those challenges?

Preventing and/or solving these problems would simply be to contact the necessary service providers and companies and schedule appropriately. Always have trusted friends/family who can substitute in your place if you have to go to work. Moving is a team sport. Also, in the packing phase, an extra set of eyes or an unbiased friend/relative can give you an objective point of view as to what may or may not. However, the key word is "trusted". Having "frienenmies" as they call it around you while moving is not advised. They are the ones convincing you that your new neighbors will abhor grillings and cookouts so if it's ok can they have your high powered grill. They are also most likely to probably come across items or things you don't want them to see when you're unearthing all of your old belongings. Ie. A high school friend you're not very good friends with finds an old scrapbook where you drew hearts around their ex in the yearbook. Not good. They may even steal from you and try to pin it on the movers - but that's an entirely different story altogether.

If you needed to move, what steps would you take to make the process stress-free?

The steps I'd take to make the process stress free - I'd move it myself because I am a mover. Personally, I'd box all my items, take one of my trucks and get family members to help. Several favors are owed to me already. If I were a civilian, I'd first and foremost seek a friend for a recommended mover. Not all that you see online is true. Know your budget as far as what you want to spend on the moving company.

Can you share one of the biggest regrets you've seen people have about their move?

One of the biggest regrets I see people have about moving is where they do not efficiently box their items well and the move takes significantly longer than expected due to the workers having to make several trips picking up small items.

What are some things homeowners should look for in a moving company to ensure that their move will be as easy and stress-free as possible?

Homeowners should always go over and confirm with movers as to if they have insurance and what would happen if their new home is to incur surface area damages. In most cases when touch-up paint is needed, the builder of the house would already have samples. Measure your walls and living spaces to make sure your new furniture can fit through certain entries. A lot of moving companies have disclaimers in their fine print that release them from any type of liability involving moving large items through passageways that aren't suitable for said items. If you have wooden floors, educate yourself in the area of wood refinishing to be able to touch up scratches. The movers are responsible for damages occurring during this process but what will happen when they are gone and you incur a scratch or scrape to the wooden surface and the movers are no longer there to blame? Someone at your local major hardware store can assist you in this process. While movers are moving items in, already have it set as to where you want furniture and items to go. Create pathways for the movers and try as best as possible not to have hallways and pathways cluttered with objects. This makes the moving process go along smoother and it reduces the chances of damages.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Visit our site www.therightmovers.com

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