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5 Reasons You Need A Buyer Agent

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

A one-time agency relationship defines just what role you want your real estate agent to play to manage the largest purchase of your life. A buyer's agent puts the buyer's needs first. There are exclusive buyer's agents who only work with buyers and never list properties. An agency relationship legally defines you as the client of the real estate agent you, the homebuyer, chose.

Once an agreement is signed, the real estate agent has agreed to work solely for the home buyer as a buyer's agent and not the seller. Avoid the listing agent who works for the seller when purchasing a home. Learn these five reasons to hire your own buyer's agent for the best deal.


A buyer's agent is a professional real estate advocate for the homebuyer. The buyer's best interests are protected and represented to the seller through the buyer's agent.


A buyer's agent negotiates many aspects of the purchase transaction from start to finish, including getting a fair price based on maintenance problems and assuring seller-agreed property repairs get completed on time.


A buyer's agent will research property history for unusual issues, current market value to see if the asking price is too high, and title to look for easements or unclear title issues that may prevent a barrier to obtaining a mortgage loan. Depending on the property, additions or utilities, floodplain location and other items may also be checked.


A buyer's agent will advise you throughout the real estate transaction, including advising on the best homes available for the buyer based on her/his needs, the best way to make the deal work and why and what to do for that addition that was not legally built. A buyer's agent will assure the homebuyer understands all aspects of the deal.


A buyer's agent will communicate all the homebuyer's needs and wants to the seller's agent and relay the responses to the buyer in the appropriate means and in a timely manner.

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