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3 Spectacular Reasons Why You Need A Patio

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

A patio brings a whole new dimension to your home, while imparting that outdoor vibe of leisure time well spent relaxing outside. Patios are much less expensive and easier to build than decks, and usually don't need a building permit, depending on the laws in your area. They also need little maintenance and make for a great do-it-yourself project. Whether using concrete, pavers or flagstone, a patio gets noticed by buyers. Still not convinced? Here are three spectacular reasons why you need a patio.

1. Add To Value

According to a 2007 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, patios were one of the top 10 features buyers want in a home. In fact, over half of the surveyed buyers were willing to pay extra for a house with a patio. But don't let the patio take over your yard space. A mix of both patio and yard works best and gives a more appealing feel to the back or front yards.

2. Expand Living Space

A patio built off the home expands living space to the outdoors, while not incurring additional property taxes levied with the increase of indoor space. The larger the patio, the more space to transform into something special. Warmer areas will reap the patio benefits all year long, but those in colder climates can place a heater on the patio to extend its use. Put up a portable canopy for shade on those hot summer days. A smaller patio space could be used to relax, with lounge chairs, a low table for setting food and drinks and some fragrant plants. Larger spaces can be used to create an outdoor entertainment area, complete with grill, wet bar, tables and chairs for day or evening use. Add a television for game watching or turn on music from your mobile phone and portable speakers for that nightclub vibe.

3. Build Curb Appeal

Why not add a patio to your front yard? It gives the yard an inviting, livable look and breaks up the space. Plus, it builds curb appeal inviting potential buyers to come inside and view the rest of the home. Place a few large pots of flowering plants and attractive outdoor chairs with arm rests capable of holding a cool glass of iced tea or a hot mug of cocoa on the new patio and watch the curb appeal grow.

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